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How To Deal With ISIS, According To Americans »

The vast majority of Americans agree that action must be taken against ISIS. While simply providing humanitarian support to refugees…

Christian Stellakis
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Older Generations Fear for US Islamism, Millennials Unfazed »

Americans over the age of 65 are 40 percentage points more likely than Millennials to report feeling 'very' concerned about…

Peter Graham
by: Peter Graham
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US Hesitantly Accepts Military Engagement in Iraq, Again »

Just over 50% of Americans support the recent airstrike campaign against Islamic State militants that have overrun much of northern…

Peter Graham
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Europe Supports US Initiative Against IS, On One Condition »

The citizens of various European countries share the concern of the United States in respect to the threat the Islamic…

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The Death Toll in Gaza and Israel »

The death tolls continue to rise in the latest Israel-Palestine conflict, mostly with Palestinian victims in the Gaza strip. As…

Natalie Lubsen
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