Alejandro's Connect and Sell Call Statistics

by alejandro on Feb 8, 2016 | Views: 54 | Score: 0

Connect and Sell allows Alejandro to make hundreds of calls a day connecting him to high value contacts at prospective companies.

Alejandro has shown that he is able to and should be expected to do roughly 2500 dials in a week.

The more dials that Alejandro does in a week the more conversations he has with prospective clients.

As Alejandro uses a list to make dials and get conversations the number of dials necessary to get a conversation go up. The industry standard is between 20 - 25 dials per conversation. Once it goes above this the list has begun to fatigue and new contacts should be added.

In order to meet our monthly goals Alejandro needs to schedule at least 10 meetings a week.

Excluding a bad week (1/31-2/6), Alejandro has beed steadily decreasing the amount of conversations he has before he gets a meeting.

Our goal is for Alejandro to have a close ratio of 6% or better. While still short of this goal, the numbers show that he is trending upwards.

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