The Donald Trump Effect

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With his ostentatious demeanor, bombastic attitude, and no-holds-barred approach to politics, Donald Trump has undoubtedly shaken up the Republican presidential field. For better or worse, his entrance into the race, as well as many of his controversial comments, have caused a media firestorm. Covered intently by a barrage of news outlets, Trump has stirred up significant support within the Republican precincts. While one may question his methods, The Donald has nevertheless had a significant impact on the race for the presidency.

Ahead In The Polls

% of registered Republicans that support...
Donald Trump19
Scott Walker15
Jeb Bush14
Ben Carson10
Ted Cruz9
Mike Huckabee6
Rand Paul6
Marco Rubio5
Chris Christie3
Rick Perry3
John Kasich3

Whether it be the Republicans' distaste for establishment candidates or Trumps personal bravado, he is performing well in the polls. Boasting the highest levels of Republican support within the crowded presidential field, Trump's no-nonsense approach to politics has gained him substantial backing.

The Money To Back Him Up

Donald TrumpAll other Republican candidates combined
Net Worth (In USD)4000000000123363509

One of the major selling points of Trump's campaign is that he isn't beholden to special interest groups or other organizations. Simply stated, he doesn't need the money. Personally financing his own bid for the presidency, Trump maintains more than thirty times the net worth of all the other presidential candidates combined.

Could Trump Ever Win?

Hillary ClintonJoe BidenBernie SandersDonald Trump
Clinton vs. Trump4836
Biden vs. Trump4937
Sanders vs. Trump4537
% of Americans that would vote for...

Despite currently being ahead in the Republican polls, Trump has little hope to win in the general election. He significantly trails all three potential democratic nominees and also retains the highest unfavorable rating among all competitors, Democrat or Republican.

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