On Twitter: Dueling Views on the Shutdown and Obamacare

by Michael Collier on Oct 2, 2013 | Views: 85 | Score: 0
Blame RepublicansBlame Democrats/ObamaOppose ObamacareSupport Obamacare/Oppose Defunding
Percent of Conversation About Blame772300
Percent of Conversation About Supporting or Opposing the ACA007129
Many More Blame Republicans, Oppose Obamacare on Twitter
Sources: pewresearch.org
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Michael Collier
Michael Collier on Oct 2, 2013 6:53 PM said:

The simultaneous Oct. 1 shutdown of the federal government and launch of the insurance exchange portion of the Affordable Care Act have become linked in the current showdown in Washington. In recent days, two separate, but related conversations have taken place on Twitter—one about the government shutdown and the other about the ACA, revelaing arguably contradictory views on the matter.