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Participants will actually answer when pre- and post-training surveys are this fast, easy and engaging.

Number of people 300 Webinar Attendees

Give Me Content

Photo of Shelly Shelly knows that relevant content is critical to keeping her webinar audience engaged. So in the 2 weeks leading up to her webinar, she used SavvyRoo with her participants.

What Shelly got

  • Used top 5 answers to create a participant driven agenda for webinar
  • Uncovered broad range of content in the form of hundreds of questions submitted
  • Discovered new, original content
  • Identified participants of interest based on questions submitted

Shelly asked:

What is your top question about motivation?

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Number of people 40 Training Attendees

What have you done?

Photo of Lily Lily needed to find out how participants were using the content after the training was over. So 2 weeks after her Effective Feedback course, Lily used SavvyRoo with her participants.

What Lily got

  • This question both sought information and also encouraged participants to act on the lessons learned
  • By seeding the question with desired answers, Lily reminded participants of actions they should be taking
  • Participant answers showed Lily which were the most actionable lessons learned from the training

Lily asked:

What actions have you taken and/or behaviors have you changed as a result of our training session?

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Number of people 50 Training Attendees

What’d You Learn?

Photo of Luis Luis knows what he teaches, but he doesn’t know which of his ideas actually sink into the minds of his participants. So he used SavvyRoo at the end of his training session.

What Luis got

  • Clarified to Luis what participants found important
  • Directed Luis on which program elements needed more emphasis in future
  • Reinforced in participants’ minds what they received
  • Gave participants a resource to refer back to with critical lessons from the training

Luis asked:

What are your most salient takeaways from today’s training?

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