Use Cases

Strategy Development

More diverse input ahead of your meeting means better strategies coming out of your meeting.

Number of people 7000 Team Members   Categorization: Hotel

Sales Ideas Anyone?

The executive team was gathering for their mid-winter strategy session, and top on the agenda was doing more to attract Millennials to their brand. They could have thought of ideas on their own or paid high priced consultants. Instead they used SavvyRoo to pose the question to their 7000 employees.

What they got

  • Lots of fantastic, immediately actionable ideas
  • Virtually no cost to the company
  • Employees feeling their opinions are valued

They asked:

What can we do to make our hotel experience more appealing to Millennials?

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Number of people 60 Members

New Directions

The facilitation team planned to meet at the end of day 1 to organize for day 2, but they wanted the participants to have a voice in where they went next. So they used SavvyRoo.

What they got

  • Participants had more ownership of and commitment to agenda
  • Facilitation team saved their own time in planning for day 2 at the end of a tiring day 1
  • Facilitation team saved group’s time in gathering input in 2 minutes that in other processes could take 30 minutes or more

They asked:

From everything that arose today, what topics and/or questions would you like to see us spend the most time on tomorrow?

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Number of people 27 Team members   Categorization: Financial Services

Owning Our Culture

Photo of Larry The team had grown from 5 to 27 members in just 9 months. Larry, the team lead, knew that a great team culture has to be built intentionally. So ahead of his team offsite he used SavvyRoo.

What Larry got

  • Everyone’s voice was included from the start
  • Surprising answers rose to the top
  • Many budget neutral practices were implemented
  • Larry modeled the culture of inclusion and openness he wanted to create

Larry asked:

What are the characteristics, practices, activities and behaviors you want us to have in our team culture?

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