A better, faster way to ask questions and get creative answers

Why did you build the SavvyRoo creativity game?

Because lots of people asked us to … kind of.

While working on other projects we heard over and over from people who wanted to build a more engaging and innovative workplace, but were also incredibly strapped for time.

One question stuck out, “Can you build an online game that would increase innovation, creativity and engagement and take under 3 minutes?” Turns out, the answer is, “Yes!”

We play with our friends and family, colleagues and customers to have fun while coming up with answers to all kinds of questions - personal or professional, serious or frivolous. This game is our creative answer engine.

Remembering Our Roots

While the initial SavvyRoo endeavor didn’t catch wildfire as we’d hoped it would, we are still incredibly proud of our origins. Check out our TEDTalk on the topic.

Leadership Without Limits

Noah Blumenthal

Founder and CEO

Heroes: Ghandi, Pema Chodron, Victor Frankl

Noah Blumenthal, a bestselling and award-winning author, brings 20 years of business and consulting experience to SavvyRoo. He has supported the strategic planning and leadership development of senior executives around the globe in financial services, pharmaceuticals, high tech, professional services, manufacturing and more.

Noah was named by Leadership Excellence Magazine as one of the, “Top 100 Minds in Personal Development.” As a keynote speaker Noah has presented at TEDxUNLV, Brandeis University Business Commencement, the Clinton Presidential Library, and numerous conferences and corporate events.

Noah’s most recent book, Be The Hero, reached the top 20 in all books on Amazon, ranked #1 in Business, Self-help, Careers, and Success, appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s list of business bestsellers, and won a Silver Axiom Award for Best Business Fable.

Noah’s goal for SavvyRoo and for life is to contribute to moving our society and world toward more equitable and sustainable ends. When he isn’t dreaming of saving the world, he enjoys playing ukulele, juggling and cheering on the New York City Football Club (COYBIB!).

Stephen Ostermiller

Co-founder and CTO

Stephen is co-founder and CTO of SavvyRoo. He has a BS of computer science from Cornell University. He has a background in software development and search engine optimization having worked for TripAdvisor, Care.com, and GCC Printers. He created and runs the currency conversion site Coinmill.com.

He telecommutes from southern New Hampshire where he engages in the rural pastime of yelling at wildlife digging up the yard. He also endeavors to prevent the weight of the snow from collapsing the roof.

In his spare time he contributes to open source software projects, moderates Webmasters StackExchange, and sings in his church choir.

Alejandro Esquino Gomez

Director of Engagement

Alejandro Esquino Gomez is an outreach specialist extraordinaire. As fearless and tenacious as can be, he relishes the opportunity to meet any corporate executive, no matter how senior, and share his boundless enthusiasm for SavvyRoo and The DIG. Alejandro is that rare combination, a former national debate champion who is expert at convincing, but also a life long psychology student more interested in understanding than pushing his view.

Alejandro is a native of Mexico and an honors graduate of the University of Houston with degrees in Psychology and Political Science. When he isn’t speaking to clients or researching innovation, he enjoys racing go-karts, playing golf and laser tag, and staying up-to-date on the latest political topics. Like SavvyRoo’s founder, Noah, he too would like to save the world (but more like how superman does it).

Kathleen Reynolds

Director of Client Happiness

Heroes: Mother Theresa, Malala and her parents.

Kathleen Reynolds brings 20 years of business experience to SavvyRoo. Previously on Wall St. (mostly telling traders what they couldn't do), she has led teams in managing capital to mitigate risk, worked as an industry representative with regulators on Wall St. reform implementation, and led technical training on various international regulatory rules and the Dodd-Frank Wall St. Reform Act at both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Kathleen also has extensive experience in capital management and resolution planning, as well as strategic planning and merger integration. She holds a BBA in Finance from CUNY Baruch College and an MBA from Columbia University.

Being of service to others is important to Kathleen, and she is actively involved in her community as Treasurer of the middle school parent organization and member of the school’s Shared Decision-Making Council. She is also a religious education teacher and volunteer in her parish.

Kathleen is mom to 3 awesome boys, who besides keeping her busy, make her want to leave the world a better place for them. In addition, she is a fervent believer in the power of flex-time, which enables her to pursue her other interests of baking, fitness (because of the baking), and dance parties with her kids.