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What It Is

A virtual brainstorm that...

Generates winning ideas

Generates winning ideas

Your best idea is often not your first. SavvyRoo gives you the nudge you need to push past your initial thinking and find your best answer.

Supports diversity & inclusion

Supports diversity & inclusion

Most ideas being implemented in most organizations come from senior, extraverted, alpha males. SavvyRoo creates an equal playing field for everyone’s ideas.

Activates your creative brain

Activates your creative brain

Creativity is a skill that can be activated and built over time. Don’t leave this to chance. We get you into your creative zone so you can deliver your best ideas.

Is fun for all players

Is fun for all players

SavvyRoo is a fun, fast game with all the gamification features you want to keep players looking forward to their next invitation to play.


SavvyRoo takes under 5 minutes to play.

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SavvyRoo makes things better

Team meetings

100% participation. More robust discussions. Better solutions with higher buy-in.

Try asking…

  • What can we do to make our next strategy session more fun and more effective?
  • On our last project, what are the actions any of us took that contributed to our success?
  • What questions should we pay more attention to on our current project?
  • What are the norms we have as a team?

Employee engagement

Ask 5,000 employees a question on Monday. Get a crowd sourced top 10 list of answers by Friday.

Try asking…

  • How might we improve our employee experience?
  • How might we decrease costs?
  • What resources do we have that we could better utilize and how?
  • If you were CEO for a day, what would you do?

Customer surveys

No one likes taking surveys. The SavvyRoo Spark means better answers for you and better brand experience for your customers.

Try asking…

  • What words or phrases come to mind when think of our name?
  • From your last time in one of our stores, what experiences stand out in your mind?
  • What are some simple ways we could add more value to your experience with us?
  • What value(s) do you get from using our product?

Why it works.

Get the best from everyone


A few loud voices dominate the discussion. Meetings, brainstorming and social media are monopolized by extroverts and angry people, leaving valuable voices disenfranchised and underrepresented.

With SavvyRoo

The conversation starts with an even playing field where every participant’s idea has equal opportunity. Plus every participant gets to push past their first idea to discover their most creative contribution.

So everyone gets heard

How It Works

SavvyRoo is easy


a Spark

When you create a Spark, you:

Ask a question

Identify any area where you want to spark creativity.

Send it out

Deliver your Spark invite via email and/or social media.

Get answers

Relax while players deliver fantastic ideas back to you.


to play

When you are invited to play, you:

Activate creativity

Move your brain from stifled to creative.

Generate awesome ideas

Play Sparks to generate creative solutions.

Select your favorite

Deliver winning ideas while helping and having fun.

what would you like input on?

Create a Spark

And we've got a kangaroo. Your spirit animal for sparking creativity.

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