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SavvyRoo Is

An Online Brainstorm


A few loud voices dominate the discussion.

With SavvyRoo…

Every participant has equal opportunity.

Better solutions in less time

How It Works

It's Easy…

To create a Spark:

1. Ask a question

2. Invite participants

3. Get answers

Your Invitees:

1. Brainstorm ideas

2. Select best

3. Cast votes

…and Fast

1 minute to create
2 minutes to participate

Why it matters

Better Input, Better Outcomes


Sparks take 2 minutes to get to what usually takes 30 minutes of group discussion.


Sparks are fun and give everyone a voice; hello happier workplace.


No one likes taking surveys and meetings get dominated by a couple voices; Sparks get 100% engagement from introverts, extraverts, male, female, everyone.


Research shows individual brainstorming prior to group discussion generates better, more creative, more diverse solutions.


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