America's Stance On Gun Control

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On October 1st, another mass shooting took place in Oregon's Umpqua Community College, killing ten innocent individuals. The massacre sent politicians into an uproar, many calling for increased safeguards and more strict gun control laws, while others argued that the actions of one unstable individual should not dictate federal policy. The American public is largely divided over the issue, and despite the seemingly constant stream of gun related violence, many are reluctant to give up their rights.

The Substantial Problem Of Gun Violence

Terrorist activitiesGun homicides
Total American deaths due to...

Without a doubt, America faces a significant problem of gun violence within its borders. Each year, over 11 thousand individuals are killed as a result of gun-related homicides. This number dwarfs that of the number of Americans that died as a result of terrorist activities; from 2001 to 2011, the number of deaths by gun homicides was over 43 times the number of terrorist-related deaths.

Where Americans Feel Safe

% of Americans that feel safer...
In a neighborhood where guns are allowed68
Don't know / No opinion10
In a neighborhood where no one is allowed to own a gun22

Despite the significant levels of gun violence that permeates the United States, Americans do not turn away from the idea of allowing guns in their neighborhoods. In fact, a recent Rasmussen report revealed that a large majority of the American public actually feels safer in a neighborhood in which guns were allowed compared to one where they were not.

The Right Way To Prevent School Shootings

% of Americans that believe that the following approach should be the focus to preventing school shootings
Making major changes to the school security measures and the mental health system65
Don't know / No opinion5
Making major changes to the laws on the sale of guns and ammunition30

When presented with two radically different hypothetical methods for preventing gun violence, the vast majority of Americans choose the option that protects their right to bear arms. Sixty-five percent of the public believe the correct way to prevent future school shootings is to ramp up school security and increase awareness for mental illness rather than impose stricter regulations on firearms.

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