What are your chances of getting hired?

by Lilian Del Cid on May 3, 2015 | Views: 94 | Score: 1

Every college students worse nightmare is not being able to find a job and pay for those dreadful student loans straight out of college. Have your chances of getting hired increased or decreased over the past few years?

Organizations that plan to hire in 2015

Sources: shrm.org

71% of organizations are seeking to hire recent college graduates and 29% currently do not have employment opportunities.

Organizations that hired in 2013

Did organizations hire recent college graduates in 2013?
Sources: shrm.org

In 2013 the chances of a recent college graduate getting hired were about 50/50. New positions for graduating seniors have become more readily available. Graduates should take advantage and apply for as many positions as possible. The odds are in your favor!

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Peter Graham
Peter Graham on May 5, 2015 10:00 PM said:

Luckily for the grads of this year, the market seems to be turning around from a significant low point. I wonder how this might affect the overall career trajectories of 2015 grads versus those around 2010, who may have been without employment or severely underemployed for several years after graduation.

Christian Stellakis
Christian Stellakis on May 26, 2015 11:14 AM said:

I'm honestly just extremely glad that I graduate in 2016 rather than in 2008. The job market is turning around and the economy is gaining steam. It once again looks like a pro-growth job market.