Clinton vs. Bush: Swing State Votes and Favorability Ratings

by rebecca.wilson on Apr 8, 2015 | Views: 56 | Score: 0

Though candidates are stepping forth–including the most recent, Rand Paul (R)–and declaring candidacy for the 2016 presidential election, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) and former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush (R) continue to be the frontrunners for the likely face-off. The votes from three Quinnipiac University swing state polls, show Hillary Clinton taking the overall percentage lead against Jeb Bush.

Swing State Predicted Votes

Hillary ClintonJeb Bush
Ohio Voters4738
Pennsylvania Voters4640
Florida Voters4542
Swing States
Percentage of Voters

These swing state predictions represent the most recent votes from March 2015. Despite the predicted votes, Clinton has faced ups and downs in her approval ratings over the last few months while Bush as seen an increase, though ever so slight, as conveyed by the HuffPost Pollster. (Note: The following data was taken from the first week of each month represented.)

Favorability Ratings

Hillary ClintonJeb Bush
October 201448.731.4
November 201448.231.5
December 201447.431.8
January 201547.232.2
February 201547.332.4
March 201547.632.7
April 201547.932.9
Favorability Rating

At this time, only Ted Cruz (R) and Rand Paul (R) have officially announced their candidacy for the 2016 presidential election. Clinton and Bush are both "probably" running, along with a handful of others including Jim Webb (D), Chris Christie (R), and Marco Rubio (R).

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