Six of the Top Ten U.S. Billionaires Are Kochs and Waltons

by YES! Magazine on Nov 24, 2013 | Views: 498 | Score: 4
Net Worth (Billions)
Bill Gates72
Warren Buffett58.5
Larry Ellison41
Charles Koch36
David Koch36
Christy Walton & family35.4
Jim Walton33.8
Alice Walton33.5
S. Robson Walton33.3
Michael Bloomberg31
The 10 Richest People In America
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YES! Magazine
YES! Magazine on Nov 24, 2013 4:56 PM said:

For the first time ever, according to Forbes magazine, the 400 richest Americans have more than $2 trillion in combined wealth. And, a fifth of that amount is held by just 10 individuals. Of those 10 richest Americans, six hail from two families—the Kochs and the Waltons—who are destroying our economy and corrupting our politics. We all should be outraged.

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