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Team Leaders

SavvyRoo improves your coaching, your organization, your engagement, and thus, your team.

Number of people 40 Team members   Categorization: Tech Industry

Not enough time in the day

Photo of Joe Joe considered himself a pretty good leader. However his company was growing rapidly, and he never had as much time as he wanted to listen to and engage his team. So Joe used SavvyRoo to have his team create their meeting agendas.

What Joe got

  • Every voice was heard
  • More diverse topics received attention
  • Meetings were more efficient and interactive
  • Joe saved time in meeting prep

Joe asked:

What items or questions should be on this week’s team meeting agenda?

Try with your team

Number of people 20 Team members   Categorization: Publicity

No celebration zone

Recognition for great work is free to deliver and one of the most valuable employee satisfaction and retention tools available. Rachel had a great team. She knew this, but she was too busy to stop, take notice and celebrate the wins. So Rachel used SavvyRoo to get help from her team.

What Rachel got

  • Rachel discovered there was way more worth celebrating than she had expected
  • The team got a forum to recognize and appreciate one another
  • Rachel had more celebrations - casual thank yous, team lunch, movie outing
  • Rachel connected her celebrations to specific acts deserving of recognition

Rachel asked:

What was the best thing you or we or anyone on the team accomplished last month?

Try with your team

Number of people 7 Team members   Categorization: Finance

Performance management amnesia

Photo of Roben Who can remember what happened months ago? Yet this is the challenge Roben has whenever it’s performance management time. For his employees and himself, he has to wrack his brain to remember what everyone accomplished for the past six months. So Roben had each member of his team create their own weekly recurring question on SavvyRoo.

What Roben got

  • The recurring reminders, speed and simplicity of SavvyRoo ensured Roben’s team kept answering this question all year
  • Roben, having greater awareness of successes, was a better coach
  • Roben was a better advocate for his best performers during performance management and bonus time

Roben asked:

What were your wins this past week?

Set up Recurring Question

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