Use Cases

Product Management

Sprint reviews, retrospectives and team meetings just got a whole lot more efficient and effective.

Concept Exploration

Photo of Renee Renee’s company had a suite of products and was considering their next addition. To explore one option, Renee prepared a list of stakeholders and sent them a description of the new product concept along with an invitation to SavvyRoo.

What they got

  • Renee discovered use cases she and her team never imagined
  • Uses were identified that were already covered by existing products, clarifying opportunities to improve customer understanding of those products
  • Renee built early interest and enthusiasm for the new product among key stakeholders

Renee asked:

If we develop this product, how would you use it?

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Sprint Review

Photo of Sean Sean knew from past experience that discussions with her stakeholders got dominated by 3 people. No one else’s ideas ever saw the light of day. So in the Sprint Review meeting, after presenting the latest round of product rollout, Sean used SavvyRoo.

What Sean got

  • Wider array of ideas
  • Quick clarity on which ideas were preferred
  • Completely engaged group of stakeholders
  • More efficient meeting

Sean asked:

What improvements would you like to see in the next iteration?

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Sprint Retrospective

Photo of Helen Helen believed in Agile development. If there was a technology that could improve the process, she was all for it. So ahead of her Sprint Retrospective she asked her Sprint team to participate on SavvyRoo:

What Helen got

  • Helen got more answers and more diverse answers
  • The team completed the Sprint Retrospective meeting in half the usual time
  • Helen was able to recognize usually unheard team members for contributing excellent ideas

Helen asked:

If you could improve anything from this sprint what would you improve?

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