Use Cases

Executive Coaching

Quick, hassle-free tracking of personal development (that your coachees will actually like to do) makes you a better coach.

Strategic Use of Time

Photo of Pamela Pamela started coaching calls by asking her clients to be intentional about what should be on their agenda that day. Some clients could do this easily. Others meandered, taking up significant time just to get organized. So Pamela used SavvyRoo to have her clients spend 90 seconds on the morning of each session preparing for their coaching call.

What Pamela got

  • Pamela saved time in coaching sessions to focus on the important topics
  • The coachees developed a new technique for organizing ahead of meetings
  • Pamela and her coachees had a repository of all their agenda items over time

Pamela asked:

What should be on our agenda for today’s call?

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Power of Gratitude

Photo of Alexander Alexander knew all the literature on and effects of gratitude, but getting his clients to journal was another story. So Alexander used SavvyRoo to set up a recurring weekly question for each of his clients.

What Alexander got

  • Under 2-minute process on SavvyRoo made journaling an easy commitment for his clients to keep
  • Weekly email alerts meant his clients didn’t need to remember to journal, the reminder came to them
  • Coachees gained the benefits of gratitude journaling in an easy to maintain form that they could also easily share back with Alexander

Alexander asked:

What are you grateful for from the past week?

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What Gets Measured Gets Done

Photo of Amra Amra’s coachee, Marcus, was great at critiquing his team, but he needed to deliver more positive feedback. So Amra used SavvyRoo to set up this recurring weekly question for Marcus to answer every Friday.

What Amra got

  • Outside of coaching sessions Marcus was reminded through weekly email invitations to engage in his desired activity
  • Marcus built a library of positive feedback examples to help him see and understand more and more opportunities for praise
  • Marcus and Amra had a quick and easy resource to speed up and facilitate their discussions about this topic

Amra asked:

What praise did you deliver this past week?

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