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Employee Engagement

Everyone (and especially each Millennial) loves to voice their opinions, and it’s never been faster, easier, or more fun than with SavvyRoo.

A Year of Engagement

Photo of Ellen The employee engagement survey was one of the least engaging things employees did all year. Ellen, the HR Director, saw engagement as a year round challenge, not an annual event. So on the first Tuesday of each month she used SavvyRoo to send a question to all employees. After 24 hours winning ideas were selected and prizes awarded.

What Ellen got

  • Engaged employees in a meaningful and fun experience
  • Found actionable ways to improve the company
  • Encouraged a positive, diversity and Millennial friendly culture
  • Identified creative/talented employees to manage projects arising from results

Ellen asked:

January: What is the easiest way we could add more value to our customers?

February: What could we do as a company to benefit the communities where we work?

March: What will get in the way of us achieving our goals this year?

April: What could we do to save money?

May: What are our customer’s FAQs?

June: What is the best thing about working here

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Ask Me Anything

Photo of Joelle Andy, the VP of Operations, always believed there was power in questions. The more people asking questions, the more valuable answers were bound to appear. Thus, “Ask Andy” was born. Leading up to town hall events, management meetings, big announcements, pretty much anything.

What Andy got

  • Anonymous option enabled more honest, tougher questions
  • Attributed option enabled Andy to recognize more talent
  • More diverse questions led to more productive events

Andy asked:

What questions would you love to have Andy (or anyone else) answer?

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What's in a Name?

Photo of Alycia Alycia had to name the new snack product. She knew from experience she could spend weeks of team meetings and research and $50,000 or more on naming consultants. Instead, she used SavvyRoo.

What Alycia got

  • Over 1000 ideas submitted
  • 10 ideas considered winning options and 10 employees recognized and rewarded
  • Winning name created with a fraction of the time and cost

Alycia asked:

What name would you give to our new product?

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