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100% engagement in 2 minutes with even your quietest students makes you every Millennial’s favorite teacher.

Write My Test

Photo of Daniel Daniel gave his students a quiz every Friday. So every Thursday he used SavvyRoo to prepare his students.

What Daniel got

  • Daniel added to his question bank on each topic
  • Daniel saw the degree to which his students’ views of what was important aligned with his own views
  • Students had to put themselves in the teacher role and think differently
  • 100% of students were engaged and able to deliver their answers to the class

Daniel asked:

What questions do you think will be on the next test?

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What’d You Learn?

Photo of Kelli Kelli didn’t just want her students to read their assignments, she wanted them to use their brains. So with each homework assignment Kelli used SavvyRoo to get students to think about what they had read.

What Kelli got

  • It created a jumping off point for discussion
  • The class was able to discuss why certain lessons were deemed more important than others
  • Kelli got a full class view instead of only hearing from a few of the most vocal students

Kelli asked:

What are the most salient lessons from this reading assignment?

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Learn to Learn

Photo of Vivek Vivek knew his job wasn’t just to teach his subject. His job was to teach students how to better understand themselves and achieve more of their dreams. He used SavvyRoo to kick off a discussion on that topic.

What Vivek got

  • Vivek didn’t have to preach but rather was able to uncover everything he needed from the students’ own answers
  • The students took ownership of their plans to make themselves better students
  • Vivek used 2 minutes of class time to get to the same place it usually would take 15 or 20 minutes to get to, and he got there with full participation

Vivek asked:

What could you be doing differently in your life to help you do better in school academically?

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