The Political Turmoil Of Hillary Clinton

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Once the practically inevitable choice for the democratic nomination and the strong favorite to become the next president of the United States, Hillary Clinton has faltered in the face of recent political controversy. A result of the ongoing personal email scandal and her declining poll numbers, some believe that the Clinton presidential campaign may be derailing. The question remains: will Clinton conquer her recent political strife, or should the Democrats start looking for a new nominee?

Hillary's Falling Favorability

% of Americans that view Hillary Clinton...

2013 marked the peak of Hillary's popularity, with two third of the American public holding a favorable view of the former Senator and First Lady. Over the last two years, however, Clinton has seen her numbers drop steadily. A recent poll conducted by ABC News / Washington Post shows that in 2015, Hillary's popularity has decreased significantly. Nearly half of the American public view Clinton unfavorably.

The Problem Of Clinton's Emails

% of Americans that believe Clinton's use of a private email system during her time as Secretary of State is...
A very serious problem31
A somewhat serious problem20
Don't know / No opinion1
Not too serious a problem23
Not a problem at all25

While Clinton may attempt to shrug off the investigation into her use of a personal email system as a Republican witch hunt, the issue nevertheless remains a substantive problem in the eyes of voters. Over fifty percent of the public believe that Clinton's use of a private email system during her time as Secretary of State represents at least somewhat of a serious problem.

Run, Biden, Run!

% of registered Democrats that...
Want Joe Biden to seek the Democratic nomination for president48
Don't know / No opinion18
Do not want Joe Biden to seek nomination34

According to a recent poll among registered Democrats, there is room in the race for one more strong Democratic candidate, Joe Biden. Perhaps a reflection of the Liberals' dissatisfaction for Hillary Clinton, a plurality of Democrats would be happy to see Biden give Clinton a run for her money. According to the same poll, however, even with Biden in the race, the fracturing majority of the Democratic base would still support Hillary. Despite her recent political struggles, she remains the strong frontrunner for the coming election.

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