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One Question Could Improve Your Organization Culture

In her book, Seeing Red Cars, Laura Goodrich points out something we’ve all experienced. If you buy a red car, suddenly you start noticing all the other red cars. The act of that purchase heightens your sensitivity to and awareness of all the other cars that… (read more)

Is A Question Standing Between You And Your Team’s Success?

As a team leader or manager it is easy to believe you know what is happening with your team. After all, you are only one degree of separation away. You may have been promoted from their ranks. You have one-on-ones. You are intimately involved in … (read more)

The Humbling Confessions of a Startup Founder

Welcome! This is our first blog post. It should be full of pep and enthusiasm. But our company is not new. We recently made our third major pivot, with no significant success on our first three ventures. So I think it is appropriate that we… (read more)